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The Washing Machine

Gone are the primitive days of travelling long distances to wash your washing at a river or by hand. These days most people have a washing machine, with the most common one being a black washing machine. Still, purchasing a washing machine can be difficult as many companies need to sell quality machines. Fortunately, with review sites like Freenet electrical reviews and ultimo electronics, you can disengage companies that sell good quality machines from those that do not.

Choosing your Washing Machine

Considering how essential washing machines are in people’s homes, it is vitally important that you choose the right one for you. However, selecting the suitable washing machine for you can be a formidable challenge, resulting from the variety of available washing machines. When selecting your washing, there are many factors you need to take into account, for example, the size of your living space, how many peoples washing you’ll have to do and your budget. Furthermore, you must factor in your household requirements to buy a front or a top loader washing machine. You should also always check out the water and energy efficiency ratings. You tend to save more money on your utility bills with high efficiency and water rating. Therefore, checking for an Energy Star Rating label and Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme or WELS label is essential. High-efficiency top loaders, although more expensive than regular top-loading machines, are more popular because the speed and performance are equivalent to that of a front-loading machine. It is also essential to understand the appliances programs. Most current washing machines usually have an extensive range of pre-programmed settings, which include hand washing, bulky loads and cycles for specific or delicate materials. Higher-end models may also have steam cycles, non-ironing settings, adjustable speeds and germ-busting cycles, usually for baby clothes and reusable nappies. It is also essential that you budget for your machine. It is also important to note that the more expensive option will sometimes be the best. Furthermore, choosing energy-efficient models may seem like the more expensive option. However, they save you money in the long run.

Front loader vs Top loader

Depending on which style fits your home more and what you budgeted for, the biggest dilemma you’d be faced with is having to choose between a front loader and a top loader washing machine. To determine which one you prefer, you should always go through the advantages and disadvantages of top and front loaders. Here are some aspects of these two machines:

Front loader

A front loader is comparatively newer than a top loader washing machine. Front loaders have a door in front, meaning you’d have to put your clothes in horizontally. The gap between them decreases because of how they’re designed. Front-loaders don’t need the same help to turn clothes and use gravity.

Top loader

A top loader’s door is located at the full, meaning clothes go down into the washing machine. Top loaders are older than front loaders, which started to be sold roughly 20 years ago. Top loaders use rubber fins as a central agitator to turn clothes. Although the gap is narrowing, top loaders are generally cheaper than front loaders.