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Do you want to turn your house into a smart home – Find out how easily

What do you think about turning your home into a smart home? Lighting, temperature, music, and entertainment – all of which can be easily controlled by application or voice control.

Modern technology makes it possible for your home or the technology in your home to “think” and relieve you of tedious tasks. In this way, you can fully relax in the four walls without having to pay attention to your technique. Below we briefly touch on the most common smart home solutions that offer you comfort and, at the same time, lead to lower costs. with energy, according to Energy Service Companies.

Control the roller shutters even when you are not at home

Intelligent shutter control allows you to open and close the shutters at flexible hours. You can close the blinds e.g. You can also download it from your vacation location, for example, if a storm hits your home. In addition, an inhabited house can be simulated when you are missing. Other advantages of smart controlled roller shutters are reduced energy and heating costs, as well as comfort in everyday life. The upgrade is possible for many arcadia power models.

Light control by application

Control the lighting in your home as you wish and head forrenewable options. No matter what occasion you want ambient lighting, all this is possible with intelligent light control and insulation. Of course, you can simulate your presence here, whether you’re on vacation or elsewhere.

Security through alarm systems

A smart home alarm system is a cheap alternative to occupational security and burglary protection. Thanks to wireless transmission, you always have an eye on your home or front door on your smartphone, and you can react quickly in an emergency.

Audio devices

Control your audio devices with the app or voice command, and provide the desired background music without having to get up. Various playlists, albums, and more are played according to your wishes – at the desired volume.


Of course, you can also include the TV in the control of your smart home. Have fun with the app or voice control. By the way, the TV is also a good way to stimulate your presence. Set the hours or control the individual TV remotely.

On-the-fly heating control

A smart heating system helps make sure you always have the desired room temperature and feel comfortable – whether you’re returning from vacation or office. Intelligent control also makes a significant contribution to reducing energy costs.


And there are many other reasons why you should turn your home into a smart home. We’ve summarized the top 5 benefits of home automation for you:

  • fewer movements, more time to live. The devices handle most of the tasks;
  • 360 ° solution there is the right solution for every application;
  • More security everywhere. From burglary protection, more child protection to the privacy of your data – because it’s not stored in any cloud and therefore not leaked;
  • Save up to 51% on heating and cooling costs;
  • Easily operated by button or application. Turn on light, shading, music, … with just one button per room.