Production Team

A new opening sequence was introduced in season seven to accommodate the modifications in the cast, eradicating Morrison’s name and together with Jacobson and Wilde’s. It was up to date in season eight eradicating Edelstein’s name and added Annable and Yi. Individual episodes of the collection include further references to the Sherlock Holmes tales. The primary patient in the pilot episode is known as Rebecca Adler after Irene Adler, a personality within the first Holmes brief story, “A Scandal in Bohemia”. In the season two finale, House is shot by a crazed gunman credited as “Moriarty”, the name of Holmes’s nemesis.

Recurring Characters

  1. However, in season 7, this relationship is ended when House begins taking Vicodin again when he’s confronted with Cuddy possibly having a terminal illness.
  2. In this identical episode he believes he has slept with Cuddy and informs Dr. James Wilson the following morning.
  3. This nevertheless
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