Production Team

This finally prompted Wilson to affix the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital the place he finally became the pinnacle of the Oncology Department. However, he was quickly rescued by a physician who had additionally been on the conference who had been following him round, Gregory House.

Main Characters

The season three episode “House Training” reveals an excellent deal about Foreman’s character. Throughout the episode Foreman shows a passionately emotional aspect and at one point breaks down, stating that in some ways he’s no better than from the place he came just because his ego has gotten in the best way. In the following episode, Foreman is seen for the primary time praying or meditating within the hospital chapel, even though he had expressed being pretty nonreligious earlier than. He rejoins the department in the episode “Mirror Mirror”, serving as Cuddy’s eyes and ears on House’s new staff. Though House tries …

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