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Ryan House

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At the end of the episode, House is seen ingesting at a bar on a tropical seashore. He walks to the edge of the shoreline, wanting across the ocean on the sunset, and then walks away as “Got Nuffin'” by Spoon performs. When Masters graduates, he offers her an internship on the situation that she falsify that she has performed her tenth lumbar puncture as a part of her practical training. Masters winds up in the surgery intern program and, throughout her quick time there, manages to favorably impress Dr. Simpson regardless of her nature. However, she returns to work on House’s case and by accident factors them in the best path.

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Although they’re successful, a slip-up involving Wilson results in their getting caught. However, they make a deal resulting in Dominika being legally obligated to live in House’s apartment. Next, in “Adverse Events”, House uses …