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What home automation means and why we should reduce time in our daily domestic tasks

Domestic task or chores as they are better called could occupy ¼ of a person’s day as one is trying to ensure he or she washes the toilet, cleans the bedroom, perform the laundry and many other domestic tasks, and this could be overwhelming for individuals who work 9 – 5 jobs and have to cater and attend to a lot of family concerns. Is home automation the answer? One can’t say for sure, but there is no doubt that home automation actually makes carrying out the home task a lot easier as one can now focus on other equally important aspects of their lives such as work, family, and whatever sits fine with them.

Home automation would clearly be the process involved in making the process of home maintenance easier and adaptable. Having to carry out just every home chore could transform into a herculean task as one has to focus on other important aspects of their lives. Home automation has been with us for decades now and it only gets better as the succeeding year’s spans. Prior before the advent of home devices such as the washing machine, one had to spend long hours washing clothes by hand, asides the time it takes to complete washing it also does damage to the fingers due to excessive friction between the clothes, soapy water and the hands. But with the coming of the aforementioned, the process involved in washing has become much easier and one can spend that quality time doing other things.

But there are concerns about the use of technology, and one of them is the disruption of one’s privacy, this has been a huge drawback as people have their data collected and used without their prior knowledge. One of such foundation in the epicentre of the movement against the infringement of one privacy in the course of using technology is Electronic Frontier Foundation popularly called the EFF. The Electronic Frontier opines that every individual using whichever technologically wired devices has the freedom of use and privacy in the course of using those devices and when their rights are trodden upon they have the right to seek to readdress and even get compensation. 

This in itself would not stop the advancement of home automation but there are measures put in place to ensure everyone enjoy the value for their money. Home automation would only get better with more people looking and craving to save mechanical and manual efforts in a bid to have more time to themselves. There are a lot of home automation devices some of which includes dishwashers, microwave, oven, gas cookers, toaster, blender, refrigerator, and lots of other home automation devices. Home automation is a large industry and would continue to get patronage from people of all culture, race, stereotype and prejudices.

More time spent with family is what everyone truly yearns and desire after and finding such an opportunity to do so would be a great jewel. No one is saying home automation makes every part of our lives perfect but it surely helps us have time for the things we love.