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Tips and Requirements to be a Model

There are various types of models. There are models for advertisements, models for photoshoots in magazines, or models as well as models. What model do you want to be?

From a physical point of view, if you just make an advertisement model or shoot in a magazine, the minimum height can be 165 cm (or if there is a shorter ad that’s fine depending on the concept of making the ad itself), clean white neat teeth, healthy hair, skin face and body healthy and smooth. That’s an absolute requirement.

But if you want to be a model as well as a model, the absolute requirement is that you have a minimum height of 170 cm and lean without fat with good shoulders. Because a mannequin is like a walking mannequin, aka a clothes hanger, you know. So all clothes have to “hang” perfectly. Plus, clean, smooth, well-groomed facial and body skin.

Apart from being physical, what is also absolute is attitude or self-character. Typically, stylists, photographers or fashion / beauty editors, like models who are kind, friendly (no fawning … we can tell which one is pretending to be nice), and smart! Being smart is mandatory, so that the model can pose and ‘animate’ the clothes she is wearing, according to the stylist / photographer’s wishes. When the model is smart, the aura will come out and the photo will be better.

Until now, there is no history of giving scholarships for models. If you meet the requirements above, all you need to do is make self-portraits (the term, composites) containing close-ups, half of your body and your entire body. Then, send it to the model agencies in Jakarta or the city you live in. You don’t need to pay to enter an agency. If you really match the characteristics of the model they need, you will be given a job through them.

Another easy way is to participate in the search model selection, such as the Femina Face selection 🙂 Good luck

Interested in getting into the modeling world? In order not to take a wrong step, you should equip yourself with knowledge about this one world.

One of them reviews the requirements to become a professional model, including:

Adequate Physical

Meet the physical standards of a model. Then, find the best physical qualities that are in you. For example, feet. These advantages will become the image that determines your quality later.

If you are underweight or overweight, proven pills reviews are the best solution to your overweight problem.

Mentally Ready

The model world is a dynamic world. However, with mental maturity, you will become more mature. Being in the media spotlight, being praised and being famous is common. However, being ready to anticipate and even bear the bad consequences of a job risk is just extraordinary.


Not halfway. If you have chosen modeling as a profession, behave and act accordingly. Find out the scope of the model’s work and responsibilities. Including, model equipment that a model must have, such as shoes, bags, body suits or stockings. Respect all of these things, because indeed you are looking for income from the modeling job itself.