18 Jul, 2024

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House (Tv Series)

So despite the fact that Foreman’s thought is true, his boss states that Foreman had no way of proving that his concept was the right one, and if she cannot trust Foreman to obey her, he cannot stay at the hospital. Nurse Brenda Previn (Stephanie Venditto) is the Head Nurse seen in many earlier episodes. She was first seen within the episode “Kids” and was last seen in the episode “Que Sera Sera”. Dominika makes her final appearances in the collection finale, “Everybody Dies”. Here, a hallucination of House reveals his needs concerning love.

Main Characters

In the next episode, “Body & Soul”, earlier than Dominika discovers House’s deception, she seduces House, revealing the magnitude of her feelings for him. After Tritter discovers that Wilson refuses to betray House, he turns on to House’s assistants, freezing Foreman and Cameron’s accounts, before talking to every one of them …

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