18 Jul, 2024

Hasbrouck House

Production Team

This particularly occurs when he is in an excellent emotional state, and/or when individuals play pranks with him. He has also demonstrated that he caves in to people’s calls for too simply and has bother forming his personal opinions. In the Season three episode, Family, House lashes out at Wilson for leaving a major determination up to the dad and mom of a affected person, and when asked what he would suggest, he merely tells the mother and father that it’s their decision. Also, in the Season 4 episode, Living the Dream, his girlfriend, Amber Volakis, tells him that the reason that his earlier marriages didn’t work out was because he did whatever they wished and he ended up resenting them.

Main Characters

She typically coerces Chase and Cameron, now reassigned to totally different departments of the hospital, into serving to her. Her persistence and unorthodox approaches initially …

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