18 Jul, 2024

Downtown Chicago’s #1 Museum

Art Lovers Australia founders, Nancy and Jarrod who at present stay on the Gold Coast, got here together to construct a platform that may promote a extra accessible and inclusive art neighborhood. Nancy is a part-time trainer of Visual Arts and an art collector herself. Both startling and inventive, Scar Tree Lines by Cara Shields transposes the Wiradjuri cultural custom of incised dendroglyphs and the unfussy and simple medium of linocut. Her skilfully arranged assemblage of designs creates a daring sense of movement very comparable to ancestral tales and the options of Country may be represented on the lining of a possum pores and skin cloak. The artist clearly understands how visible tradition might be treated in a contemporary way, introducing spare color and texture to create a piece that honours the previous and indicators the future. For many artists, including art administrators, creating a portfolio—a collection of an artist’s …

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