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Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

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With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about sprucing up your home so it’s ready to welcome guests. If you’re planning to host out-of-town guests over the next few months, you likely want your home to look its best. In addition to decorating around your home, here are some ideas to make your home look great in time to entertain this season.

In the Backyard 

Spruce up your backyard so you and your guests can enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors. If your house guests are planning to bring their four-legged friends, consider a new fence installation Lake County IL  so they can roam freely while being close to the family. Update your landscaping so it looks clean and inviting by trimming overgrown trees and bushes and planting new shrubs. 

In the House

Freshen up inside your home by giving the most trafficked rooms a new coat of paint. Your living and dining room and bathroom are likely to be the most frequented by guests, so sprucing them up with some new paint can make your home feel more welcoming. Go for a fun, bold color or even consider trying out wallpaper to make your walls stand out. 

In Front of Your Home

Your backyard isn’t the only area that will benefit from some sprucing up for the holidays. Evaluate the front of your home to determine what areas of the house could use some improvement. If you have brick around the exterior, give it a good pressure washing to wash away dirt and debris. Fix and broken lights or hanging shingles to make your space look inviting, and consider painting the door to draw attention to it. Top off your work with a nice wreath and you’ll be ready to host. 

With these projects behind you, you’ll be ready for the holidays and incoming family who plan to frequent your home over the next couple of months.