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Should I Work With an Interior Designer?

Whether it is an interior design firm Denver-based, or another location, making the decision to work with an interior designer may be a tough choice. The thought of hiring one can seem intimidating for many people. Maybe you feel that you just don’t have room for it in your budget. Or maybe you feel like you will end up working with a designer who doesn’t understand your style or vision. If you are still hanging on the fence, there are some things you should follow that can help you come up with a decision about whether you should work with an interior designer or go solo.

Moving into a New Home

If you are moving into a new home, you should definitely consider working with an interior designer. Moving can be overwhelming. A designer can help you with lighting, window treatments, floor plans, and even paint colors. They can even help you decide what pieces from your former house to keep and the ones you should replace.

Reasonable Budget

If you have a reasonable budget, you should also consider working with an interior designer. A high budget is not necessary. Actually, an interior designer can help you stay on a budget. A designer is full of secrets that can save you both money and time. They have tips on hidden gems and discounts. They also know what pieces are worth the investment.

Interior designers pay trade prices on almost everything. They then pass these deals on to their clients. They know how and where to cut corners and they can tell you when it makes more sense to spend additional money.

Big Renovation Projects

While contractors can help you move walls and tear things down, there are also other details to consider when you are having a major renovation done. An interior designer will assist you in coming up with a plan to make sure all options, both big and small, go together for a final look that goes with your style.

Designers can also help you determine the more functional aspects of a larger-scope project. Maybe you want a solid piece of marble backsplash in your kitchen instead of a tile backsplash. In this case, it is best to cover up the kitchen outlets underneath the upper cabinets to avoid breaking up the backsplash with outlet cuts.  

Mid-Level Renovations

You may be doing a lot more than just buying furniture. You may even be gutting your bathroom or kitchen. Did you know that an interior designer has an array of resources to help you choose new appliances or new cabinetry?

Functionality makes sense when it comes to design. For instance, a Carrera marble countertop that is unsealed may look great, but if you cook every day, you will probably ruin it. An interior designer can help you choose a quartz lookalike that will work more with your lifestyle.