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Renovation guide in Australia

Renovation is always a monumental task when you plan to remodel your house for profit or transform your home. No matter how big or small, it requires your direct attention to detail. It will save you lots of headaches if you can clear your mind and think ahead about what you want and need. Here we give you a down-to-earth renovation planning guide for your house in Australia.

Set now your renovating goals

First, you must make sure of what you want to achieve with your renovation. If you don’t want to move, you should consider your needs in a few years. Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need in the future, especially if you have a growing family. If you want to increase your property’s value, discuss your options with a real estate agent. Find what properties are sought after and how you could improve your home to make it more appealing to the market. If you want to restore an old property, remember that you could encounter major structural issues. Allocate a budget according to these inconveniences, so you don’t have surprises later.

Organize your Development Application

Most property extensions and sometimes renovations require a Development Application/Assessment (DA). Still, the document will depend on the local council, and it’s possible to get fast-track approval for minor actions, such as a new bathroom. Don’t speculate on the required documentation. Contact your local council or state planning authority directly or check on a town planner.

Be realistic about how much you can afford

Contact at least three builders and get quotes for every service you need for your home. Expect the overall price to include 50% of materials, 35% of labor, and 15% of fees, taxes, GST, and levies. You should also think about additional costs like storage and council permits. In case you don’t have cash, talk to your bank to extend your current home loan, refinance your mortgage or obtain a construction loan. Connect with Archicenter Australia to get a Cost Guide on materials.

Enlist the experts

Architects can save you money when you want to change a design or work on a challenging building. In this case, you can expect to spend 10% of your budget on this work. If your idea is more superficial, you can contact a draftsperson or building designer to draw up your plans. Remember to always comply with building and planning regulations. You should always check the credentials of all the people you hire. You can communicate with your state architecture board or the local building authority. Some builders can help you with the project management work. An interior designer could be an option to make your home flawless. Still, it will come with a higher cost.

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