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Here Are 5 Advantages of Granite to Beautify Your Home!

From various types of materials for floors or countertops, granite is one of the materials that has skyrocketed its popularity. How come? Granite stone has a good design, that is very charming but also full of unexpected benefits.

Even though the price is a bit expensive compared to other materials, let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of granite that can beautify your home in an instant.

Water & Moisture Resistant

Problems that occur with other types of flooring materials such as wood are weathered, broken, or wet with age. However, granite that has received protection in the form of a seal layer will have water and moisture resistance.

Beautiful Granite Stone With Various Designs & Colors

Technological advances have been able to present variations of granite in terms of color and motifs. Granite can easily be adapted to the character and taste of the homeowner. Do you want your house to look warm? Full of elegant style? Granite has different finishing options. If you are looking for Carolina quarries or granite, you can visit www.carolinastonesupply.com

Granite stone in polished finish will give a flash accent that is suitable to be placed in luxurious buildings. There is a reflective impression that comes from this type. The higher the finishing used, the slippery the granite. 

Honed finishing is preferable for busy areas. Honed finishing granite has a non-lighting texture, so it is not very reflective. Many also choose this type of granite because it has a different appeal from the polished type.

There is another flamed granite texture which is rougher and resembles natural stone. Not infrequently, granite with a flamed finish in an outdoor area such as a home garden for a different luxurious look.

Finally, brushed granite has a surface texture that blends rough and soft. This granite looks strong, but won’t feel very rough to the touch. Ideal for use as a floor design material at home.

Unique and Durable

Granite is a type of hard rock that is almost impossible to crush. With proper routine maintenance, granite stone floors can be used for life and even still can look their best without being timeless.

Apart from that, granite is also easy to clean. So there is no need to worry about stains as long as you clean them. The method of cleaning granite is also easy, by sweeping and mopping it with plain water to prevent it from getting dirty. Granite stone is also scratch-resistant and heat resistant.

Hypoallergenic quality

Have an asthma problem? respiratory disorders? Are you vulnerable to problems related to allergies? This is the advantage of granite which is perfect for those of you who are prone to allergies, such as allergies to mites, dust, and other materials.

Granite stone has resistance to bacteria and allergens. Supported by routine care such as wiping clean with plain water, granite can provide direct health benefits to homeowners.

Quality versus Price

Many often complain that granite is too expensive and unreachable. Even though when compared to the long term, it is not an exaggeration to say that investing in granite in your home is not only inexpensive but can also bring benefits to the future.

Also, make sure you pay attention to how to clean granite properly. Just use a damp kitchen cloth and use warm water dripped with soap, especially to get rid of stubborn stains. Avoid using ammonia, chemical cleaning fluids, or products that contain solvents & caustic because they can damage the sealing layer that you have prepared beforehand.