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Eco-Friendly Paint That Is Great for Your Home

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You should know that standard paint used in your home has chemicals that may be hazardous to you and your children’s health. This is especially true for interior painting, where the chance of inhalation is high due to the lack of proper ventilation. Effects can be dangerous and could lead to hospitalization. The reason is that standard paint has harmful and irritating chemicals to our bodies when coming into contact. 

Eco-friendly paint is available in the market and can benefit you and the environment. Eco-friendly paint is safe and may have minimal to no hazardous fumes that irritate the eyes, skin, and throat. With eco-friendly paint, you can safely enjoy your newly renovated and painted house without the health risk. 

What is VOC?

Short for Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs are chemical compounds found in regular and standard paints. A few of these toxic compounds are xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde – organic chemicals which, when inhaled or come in direct contact with the skin, can cause irritation and trigger allergic reactions. 

Depending on your level of exposure and your health state, VOCs can have short or long-term effects. Of course, seeing your physician because of the exposure to these chemicals can be expensive. When shopping for interior wall painting materials, make sure to buy low to no-VOC brands – they are widely available in the market! 

Why opt for eco-friendly paint?

Unlike their predecessors, eco-friendly paints are products of years of research and innovations. Eco-friendly paint has very low to no VOC compound levels – an ideal for households where pregnant women or children are present. While standard paint uses heavy and led-based raw materials, environment-friendly paint is made of natural materials. 

Various materials are used in eco-friendly paint, such as milk, proteins, citrus, balsam, and other natural materials. These materials minimize hazardous health risks and complications, and having direct contact with the paint will not cause any harm. More so, the Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) and GREEN GUARD Environmental Institute have worked to make eco-friendly paint safe for consumers by setting up benchmark standards to which paint brands must adhere. 

How to choose eco-friendly paint?

Professional painters St Augustine who offer interior home painting services should already know how to choose the best paint for you. However, specifying your preference should be necessary to opt for better and eco-friendly alternatives. If you are to source your paint, make sure to:

1. Check label that states low to no VOC 

2. Check certifications from GREENGUARD and EPA

3. Certified Organic Label should be placed on its packaging

4. See the ingredients for yourself and avoid paints that have heavy metal compounds and petroleum

While eco-friendly paint has a lot of benefits for your health and the environment, it comes with a little higher price. After all, you are purchasing the innovative feature of the product. One tip for saving more money is to hire a painting company St Augustine that can do the job done. These companies often have suppliers with discounted prices for specific paints so you can save more and enjoy your newly painted home without consuming too much of your precious time – it sounds like hitting two birds with one stone!