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Does Cutting Your Tree Kill It? (Professional Advice)

Tree cutting services and tree trimming services are quite popular among homeowners. There is some concern when it comes to cutting down trees or trimming them down, as a lot of homeowners are worried that this will kill their trees. The main thing to remember is that cutting trees and tree trimming should never affect the life of your trees, however, this doesn’t mean that it won’t affect the life of your trees. Let’s dive into this and look at when trees have a chance of dying and if they really can be killed by being cut, plus what you should do if you don’t necessarily want the tree to grow back.

Does Cutting Your Tree Kill It?

Tree cutting and tree trimming should never kill your trees. This ss a huge concern for some homeowners and it’s important to understand what exactly can kill your trees. If pruning and tree cutting service is done properly then there should be no issue with the life of your tree. This is why it’s extremely important to go through a certified and licensed professional tree cutting service to get your trees cut because they are certified to do so without killing your trees.

It’s important to prune and cut trees carefully and with precision as every single cut can make a difference. It’s quite a tedious process because professional tree cutting services must pay attention to the whole tree and be sure not to cut any important branches or make movements that might kill the tree and allow it not to heal.

Do Trees Grow Back After Being Cut Down?

Some trees might be required to be cut down completely and this can cause concern for some people. The main concern comes in with the question of whether or not the tree will grow back. Most of the time if a tree is completely chopped down then it will not regrow itself right there because there’s a huge lack of nutrients. Most trees get a lot of their nutrients from their leaves and if the tree has been cut down, then there are no leaves. There are occasions where trees that have been completely cut down have grown back due to the number of nutrients left in the actual roots, but a lot of the time this isn’t what happens.

Trees & Healing Themselves

Trees are obviously living things and so many people might be wondering what happens when they’re cut, pruned, or possibly “hurt.” The answer is that they don’t necessarily heal from the inside out as we do, but they do seal themselves. Most of the time a tree will grow callus tissue to cover openings on where they’ve been cut or damaged, but they don’t heal and they also most likely won’t die from this.

This process is quite a long process though, so if you find that a tree has been cut or damaged then you might not ever see the callus tissue grow. It takes trees between 15 and 20 years for them to completely seal off a part of themselves with callus tissue. Since they don’t have working bodies like other living things, they really do what they can to protect themselves from the outside environment by sealing off their “wounds” from the outside world.

What To Do After Cutting Down A Tree?

If you’ve recently had a tree cut down then the first thing to note is that it most likely will not grow back at all. So this means you must take care of the tree stump and roots next. Leaving a tree’s stump can actually cause problems for surrounding plants and trees because they can start to decay which might infect other plants around them. The first step after getting a tree cut down is to also get tree stump removal. This will give a completely clean look to the ground where the tree once was.

The Bottom Line

Overall, cutting down your tree does kill it 9 times out of 10, however, there are a few fast-growing trees that might grow back. To ensure that the tree will stay completely gone you must also get tree stump removal which will remove both the stump and any leftover roots from the tree. If your tree is cut in one spot or possibly “wounded” then they will help to seal themselves making them perfectly fine and alive after being cut.

The main thing to know is that cutting down a tree is irreversible and the tree most likely will not grow back unless it’s replanted in that spot once the stump and roots are removed. Whether or not that’s your goal will determine which tree cutting service you might need. If you’re looking for a tree cutting service then be sure to contact a company in your area to get insight and estimates on your project.