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Australian Vs American Barn Style Sheds | Mornington Peninsula Sheds

Difference Between Australian and American Barn Style Sheds

On hearing the names you may think that Aussie and American barn sheds are the same things, yet there are plenty of differences that we can identify between the two. What we are certainly sure of is that no matter whether you opt for an American or Australian barn shed, you are going to have a fantastic outdoor structure that is multipurpose and long-lasting. The nuances between the two however should be laid out, to help you get the very best barn shed for your individual needs.

If this is the kind of shed you need, read on to see the differences between the two nation’s offerings.

Simplicity in Design

The core difference between these two great designs is the level of simplicity that the Australian version delivers. The structure itself is generally rather plain, and the interior more often than not is just a large open space. In contrast, the American barn shed features a much more complex design on the roof, and the interior features compartments and sometimes even individual rooms. This makes the Australian model a far better option for large machinery and vehicles or even agricultural storage.

Cost of The Barn

If we are talking about custom sheds then naturally the price could be higher for either option here. If however, we are talking about just the standard price of each, we find that the Australian barn comes in a lot cheaper. This is down to the simplicity that we have just mentioned, especially with regard to the way that the roof is constructed.

Overall Appearance

Although there aren’t too many differences between the two shed options, and even though the Australian model comes in at a lower cost, it is the American barn that is preferred by many. The reason for this is the aesthetic value, and even we would admit that it looks a little bit prettier. The American barn shed is also known as the heritage shed, owing to its traditional country design. This is a feature that so many looking to buy a shed enjoy, and it is what keeps the American model selling in higher volume compared to Aussie barn sheds.

Which You Should Buy

When we break it down, there really isn’t much of a difference between these two sheds. Additionally, you can use each for a foundation for any custom shed. The decision, therefore, comes down to how you plan to use the shed. For example, if you want a shed that has multiple options inside, the American option would be a smarter move. The same would be true if it is a beautiful, classic gable-roofed shed that you were looking for. If however, you prefer to try and save some money, the Aussie shed will be a great buy.

And finally, we turn our eyes to the installation of the shed, which is far quicker and easier if you decide to purchase the Aussie shed. In fact, many customers who invest in this option have found that they can erect the shed on their own, without the need for outside support. Which barn shed will you be choosing?