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8 Ways To Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger (Without Breaking the Bank)

If you live in a small space and need some advice on how to make the most of your small kitchen without breaking the bank, then you’ve come to the right place. The good news about kitchen design is that no matter what the size of your kitchen, there are simple ways to visually enlarge it. If you play your cards right by following these tips, your small kitchen can feel as spacious as a professionally designed big kitchen.

1: Light up your kitchen

The first step to making a small kitchen look bigger is by using the right lighting. Avoid using recessed lights or downlights, but instead, opt for wall lights that will bounce light around rather than direct it at one area only. Semi-flush mounts are ideal as they provide enough room to spread out. For better illumination, you can even strategically place lights behind or under kitchen cabinets.

2: Use reflective materials

If your small kitchen doesn’t have good natural lighting then it’s best that you incorporate some reflective surfaces into the space. For the walls, glass tiles are a great option as they will bounce light around and make the room look brighter. Also, opt for bright, reflective surfaces for the worktops and splashback. Stainless steel tiles are a great option as they are durable, easy to clean, and won’t fade or discolor over time.

3: Keep your cabinets functional

When you have limited storage space it can be tempting to remove some of your cabinets so you can create an illusion of more space. But the last thing you want to do is remove all your storage space and start wondering where on earth you’re going to put everything. Always keep some cabinets so you always have somewhere to store your appliances, pots, pans, dishes, and more.

4: Light up dark corners

Areas that are hidden from view can often be forgotten, which means they’re more likely to become dark and dingy. Use a free-standing or hanging lamp that’s bright enough to penetrate into the deepest corners of your small kitchen so no part of it remains in darkness. The right lighting can make even the smallest kitchen feel spacious.

5: Add warmth with wood

If you want your small kitchen to look bigger, then it’s important you use materials that are warm and welcoming. Wood is the perfect choice because it has an inviting appeal that’ll make people feel comfortable being in your space. The best thing about wood is you have a wide range of natural shades to choose from, so you can pick one that matches your color scheme.

6: Choose the right kitchen furniture

When you’re furnishing your small kitchen, it’s important that you choose pieces that are well-sized. Try to avoid choosing large cabinets or counters if possible, as this will make your room look smaller. Opt for smaller, more compact items so they don’t take up too much space.

7: Design around your cooking zones

The most efficient and sensible way to design a small kitchen is by creating cooking zones. Organize the space so there’s an area where you can wash dishes, prepare vegetables, cook meals, and more. This will help keep the workflow going and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or feeling like you’re cramped in a small space.

8: Use your vertical space

One of the best ways to make a room look bigger is by maximizing every part of it, including the walls and ceiling. One great idea for making the most of your vertical space is by installing shelves between cabinets and above counters, worktops, and appliances. You can learn more here about how to get the most out of your kitchen remodel, too.